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If we’ve ever talked on the phone, or in person, you’re aware that one of my favorite topics is SYMPTOMS.

Your symptoms, my symptoms, your parents, kids’, friends, you name it. Hypervigilant, and anxious people like me are on high-alert at all times for any minor or major difference in the usual.

So you can imagine how, even without children, how much I might love a newsletter like Pediatric Answers, written by a doctor.

Have a gander. You just might get (good) hooked, also.

Pediatric AnswersSpend 5 minutes with my newsletter each week and you could save hours in a waiting room…and maybe a copay. I’m Dr. Monica Wonnacott, a board-certified pediatrician and mom of four who gives you the...


In today’s bonus, I’m sharing some articles that stand the test of time and bring me joy. From Rethinking Loneliness to a rare 1969 interview with Lou Reed.

As an extra bonus, I'm providing a 69-page document containing quotes about writing that were collected by one of my favorite authors, Denis Johnson, from writers he admired. This document was recently discovered in Johnson's archives and is included at the end of this post.

(Johnson’s novel Jesus’ Son was the inspiration for my first novel, The Long Haul—which is now $1.99 on Amazon!)

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